Senior Manager, Branch Operations, Control & Transaction Job at NCBA


Senior Manager, Branch Operations, Control & Transaction Job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2023 - 2024

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: October 26 2023

Hiring Organization: NCBA

Job Details:

Job Purpose Statement
To provide leadership and guidance on all Branch Operations and Central Operation functions and ensure high quality operations delivered to Business through quality staff and processes that support expeditious, accurate and efficient service to all customers, both internal and external as well as safeguarding against fraud.

Key Accountabilities (Duties and Responsibilities)
Strategic Planning & Execution
• Adequacy of personal and staff competence to effectively perform operations tasks
• Oversee the smooth running of branch and Central operations
• Review of various daily reports on performance and ensure timely sharing of the same with other stakeholders.
• Develop and maintain an effective communication structure within branches, central operations and other supporting team to ensure successful delivery of business excellence.
• Take ownership of Operations initiatives to include strategy formulation and integration of all Channels to achieve set profitability.
• Ensure that departmental financial targets are monitored and managed monthly with reporting on variances against set targets.
Business Development & Revenue Generation
• Co-ordinate Operations related activities within the entire Bank by developing and implementing operational procedures to ensure operational efficiency
• Effectiveness of both Branch and Central Operations unit structure, systems, policies, processes, procedures and tools in achieving compliance requirements and optimal efficiency, resource utilization and cost containment
• Develop a strong customer relationship management system aimed at maximizing on every relationship to ensure enhanced loyalty and increased share of wallet.
• Develop pipeline generation, monitoring and closure mechanism and discipline to ensure smart utilization of effort and maximize return.
• Conducting market intelligence of relevant competitive industry forces influencing the business and developing requisite response mechanisms.
• Conduct Product review and development to ensure sustenance of product viability.
• Provide technical support on system implementation, upgrade and development.
Risk Mitigation & Internal Business Processes
• Minimization of exposures to and impact of operational risks within Branches
• Ensure prudent management of all business related operational risk.
• Support branches in the attainment of satisfactory audit rating by constantly reviewing processes and monitoring adherence.
• Review and manage operational risks to ensure no loss arises from operational lapses and ensure compliance with operations risk requirements
• Ensure full compliance with the Banks policies and procedures.
• Formulate policies and procedures that give the Bank a competitive advantage whilst fully adhering to all statutory, regulatory and Group guidelines.
• Ensure 100% adherence to policies, procedures and statutory guidelines.
• Responsible for Branch Cash operating limits review and monitoring through Cash Management Centre for effective and efficient branch cash operations
• Ensure security concerns are addressed and staff adequately trained on security matters in Liaison with Security department and Branch Retail Managers
• In liaison with commercial services, encourage proper maintenance of branch premises and equipment in line with the corporate image.
• Create awareness of anti-money laundering processes and definitions to all branch operation staff and monitor transactions
• Ensure that outstanding transactions are communicated to the branches and timely reversed.
• Ensure system standard reports are monitored and reviewed daily.
• Making exceptional approvals for referred branch operation issues e.g. Counter line exception items
• Giving exceptional approval to open new accounts with incomplete documents for follow up later in line with AML act
Customer Service and relationship Management
• Ensure customer issues are promptly addressed and resolved within agreed TAT
• Develop a strong customer relationship management system aimed at customer retention and maximizing on every relationship.
• Harness existing and create new competencies in order to achieve competitive advantage among business teams within the Branch network and Central operations units
• Drive cross selling and up streaming by tailoring solutions to deepen client relationships
• Leverage on customer research and competitor bench marking on customer service and customer loyalty /advocacy metrics including NPS scores and drive initiatives to improve them
• Collaborate with various product, credit, operations and functional teams to improve customer service delivery through turnaround times, service level agreements and process improvements.
• Use customer interactions as opportunities to market/cross sell Bank products.
• Quality of leadership experienced in oversight of Branch and central Operations function
• Give guidance and co-ordinate staff transfers and rotations within Branch and central Operations
• Liaise with Human resource department to ensure identified training and development needs are addressed.
• Provide clarity of vision, direction and pace to the team aimed at achieving all round business efficiencies and success.
• Through self-conduct on a daily basis, be a role model to the entire team, doing things wholeheartedly, communicating with passion, teamwork and embrace change as a way of working.
• Build, develop and motivate high performance team committed to achieving success through each other.
• Discuss & agree challenging performance objectives and measures for direct reports and provide regular feedback and honest assessment on achievement.
• Guide the team to develop a professional work ethic.
• Motivate staff and ensure they are promptly and properly recognized.
• Train, guide and coach staff in order to develop expertise and build capacity.
• Uphold integrity at all times.
• Ensure prudent management in planning and utilization of available resources.

Ideal Job Specifications
• Bachelor’s degree in a business related field – Upper second or GPA 3.0
• Master’s Degree will be an added advantage.
• CPA, CPB, CFA etc
Desired work experience:
• Seven (7) years working experience in a banking environment with at least two (2) years of middle management experience

Ideal Job competencies

Skills required
Technical Competencies
• In-depth knowledge Knowledge of Banking and Business Operations
• Leadership skills to effectively support the Branch Operations teams across the network.
• Managing Performance; Ability of Setting clear, measurable and attainable performance goals and Finding solutions to problems that may impact unit and operations function performance
• Coaching and Mentoring; Sharing expertise with others within clearing unit, Listening and responding to questions effectively
• Report Writing and analysis ; Able to prepare and interpret reports and statistics

Personal Attributes/ Desired Behaviour Competencies
• Adaptability and Decisiveness; Ability and confidence to vary depending on what the situation requires and Showing leadership
• Initiative and Perseverance; Ability to be willing to take action to address needs without being requested to do so and Staying on-task to completion.
• Creative thinking; Ability in Developing innovative solutions and thinking creatively
• Interpersonal Skills; Ability to work effectively with different people and teams of people toward consensual solutions to achieve the Branch business objectives
• Stress Management; Ability to work well under pressure or opposition, while maintaining effectiveness and self-control
• Team Building; Building active participation and cooperation within the team and Responding constructively to others' ideas and suggestions

Application procedure

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